King Song KS-S18 Electric Unicycle (Black)

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KS-S18 is the first King Song wheel with its own built-in suspension that’s adjustable from on/off to different pressurization. With a high-exposure design, you can look like you are from the future. With a new upgraded 2200W motor and huge battery pack, you can cruise comfortably for incredible distances with no range anxiety. With the extra-large pedals and extra-large tire, you can experience the smoothest ride yet.


2200W Motor

  • Hefty motor providing 140Nm of torque that allows quick acceleration whilst ensuring there's not a hill you cannot climb.

1110Wh Battery

  • State of art genuine LG 21700 MT50T battery for maximum energy to space ratio.


  • Variable Linkage dampening. Air suspension system using 200-57 suspension, DNM AOY36RC.

Powerful Processor

  • Newly redesigned processor and motherboard sit at a brand new 4 layer structure. A fluid and stable ride experience.


  • 1600lm headlight with 2*5w (high beam) and 2*4w (short beam). Headlights are 2 times stronger to the 16X with an automatic sensor to switch between modes.

APP customization

  • Simply pair S18 Electric unicycle via Bluetooth and use the app to view current speed, remaining power, and more real-time riding statistics.

Futuristic 18 Inch Design

  • Looks are subjective, but King Song has marked a new direction with their newest 18-inch electric unicycle design, and with this updated look, riders can enjoy a more modern form factor that improves ride dynamics, handling, and overall comfort.
  • The larger the wheel, the more smooth the ride, and S18 offer a great balance of large wheel size without making the entire EUC too large or bulky.

IP55 weather-protection

  • The S18 will hold equivalent IP55 weather-protection. While the inner-structure is open from above, the sensitive elements, such as the battery, controller area & are enclosed in sealed spaces. 
  • Also, the mud-guard extends through the body, so any spray/wash, should be kept confined within there.
  • Top Speed: 50 Km/h- unlockable after 10 Km ridden.
  • Range: 100 km max potential
  • Motor Power: (New) 2200W sustained, 5000W peak
  • Battery: 1110Wh, 84V with Smart BMS with balancing, over-charge, over-current, & short circuit protection.
  • Control Board: High performance design - can reliably sustain 2000W. Heatsink + temperature control fan.
  • Hill Climbing: ~40° max
  • Max Load: 120 Kg - higher payloads will generally decrease performance
  • Dimensions: 22” H x 21” W x 8”
  • Weight: ~22 Kg
  • Pedals: Extra large pedals with grip tape, 4-8” ground clearance
  • Tire: 18” extra large 3” wide tire
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth for data transfer. Compatible with the King Song App.
  • Lights: Bright headlight, rear brake light
  • Handle: Built-in retractable push handle
  • Motor Kill-Switch: Handle sensor to detect lifting motion
  • USB Ports: Built-in dual USB ports for powering and charging your devices
  • Safety Warning System: Alarm/voice, pedal tilt-back (configurable in app)
  • Warranty: 12-month warranty (battery and tire only have a 6-month warranty), the warranty date start from the delivery date.
Product Specifications
Motor 2200W
Battery type 1110Wh, LG 21700 M50T
Voltage 84.2V
Max mileage (km) ~100 (max 75kg / 25km/h)
Max Speed (km/h) 50
Max load (kg) 120
Gradability ~40%
Bluetooth Speaker No
Charging time (1.7A-2A) 6h+
Pedals 240mm
Tires 18"x3"
Product weight (kg) 25
Unfolded size (mm) LxWxH 557x530x200
Light Bright headlight, rear brake light