XIAOMI - SCISHARE Instant Heating Water Dispenser 1.8L - Water Bar

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Main Features
● Double heating structure design, 3 seconds to get the water needed

● 6-stage water temperature, meeting different drinking needs. Normal temperature/55 degree Celsius/70 degree Celsius/85 degree Celsius/95 degree Celsius/100 degree Celsius
● Quick one-button start, simple and convenient, easy to use
● 1.8L large tank capacity, meeting daily needs
● Multiple security protection, avoiding the safety hazards
● Water shortage reminder and descaling reminder
● High outlet design, up to 200mm height space to match more cups
● Small size does not occupy much space
Descaling reminder: After using for a period of time, the descaling indicator will automatically turn on. After putting a proper amount of citric acid, press the knob button to turn on the descaling mode.
2 kinds of water output selection:250ml/500ml
● Water shortage reminder function + anti-dry protection

● Rated frequency: 50Hz
● Rated power: 2200W
● Rated voltage: 220V
● Water tank capacity: 1800ml
● Applicable water source: pure water
● Power cord length: 1m
● Material: food-grade quartz tube / 304 stainless steel electric heating tube / SMMA plastic

- The cups, papers, plates and other objects are not included.
- Bottled or barreled water is recommended.
- Tap water or mineral water is not recommended as impurities in the water can easily form scale and block pipes.
- The presence of water in the new machine is normal and may be a residue from the boiling test.
- Each time the power is reconnected, the machine will first produce about 100ml of water at room temperature